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We offer our home delivery service Tuesday-Saturday.


Give us a call on 01243 671153 or pop us an email to ahoy@somethingfishy.fish, we ask that you please pre-order by the day before you'd  like your delivery and we will deliver Fresh Fish straight to your door! 




Our office opening hours

Tuesday 8am-1pm

Wednesday 8am-1pm

Thursday 8am- 1pm

Friday 8am-1pm

  Saturday 8am- 1pm

If you have no answer please leave a voicemail or pop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


We can do any preparation you require: ie skinning, boning and Filleting. You have the option to have your order vacpacked (for freezing) or we can pop them in greaseproof bags for you -we only recommend this if you are eating the fish within 2 days. We are consciously trying to reduce the amount of plastic packaging. 

Don't forget your neighbours! We have been recommending that neighbourhoods order together so we can deliver to one area at once.

We look forward to hearing from you all!


Please find below the selection of our most popular fish that we sell. This list will grow and change depending on what is in season and the conditions at sea.

We aim to get the portion size as close to your requirements, hence portion prices vary slightly. 

When placing an order to please let us know if you would like a fillet (whole side of fish) or a portion (amount for one person)  this make it easier for us when preparing your order.





Whole Plaice 300-600g                                         N/A

Brill  700g-2kg                                                    £25whole fish weight can be filleted

Turbot    1-2kg                                                    Market - need to be pre-ordered

Local Dover Sole 350-400                                     £25/kg

Local Lemon Sole (can be filleted ) 300/400 grm     £20/kg    -  whole fish weight can be filleted

Local Lobster                                                        Market Price

Whole Cooked Crab       (selected)                         £10.00/KG approx 0.5 of a kg - EXPECTING AT THE WEEKEND

Local Selsey Crab    Dressed Crab 170g                  £9.00 each

Local Skate Wing Cut into portions  300grm            £14.99/KG skinned and trimmed

Local sea bass   700gr/1.5kg                                  £20.00/KG

Monk fish tails         0.5/1kg                                   £26.50/kg whole or portioned

Fresh squid   200/400grm                                       £20.00 cleaned

Local Huss                                                              N/A - expected soon.


Wild Sea Trout                                                      N/A

Gilt head Bream 800/1kg                                       £13.99/kg whole fish, can be filleted

Sardines whole (Cornish)                                       £5.50/kg

Sardines butterfly fillets (Cornish)                          £9.50/kg (need to be ordered (FROZEN))

Tuna Steaks  (sushi grade)                                    £35/kg

Sword Fish Steaks                                                   £33/kg (need to be ordered in advance)

Best Large Scottish Cod Fillets or portions £22.00/KG   whole fillets approx. 1kg £20/kg

Scottish Haddock Fillets   0.5/1kg                             £18/kg 

Smoked Haddock Natural or Yellow                          £20.00/kg

Hand Filleted Scottish Salmon      fillets/portions -£26.90/KG   whole fillet- approx. 1.5kg 

Sea Bass Fillets 100/140grm                                    £28/kg

Sea Bass Fillets 140/180 grms                                 £32/kg 

Scallops approx. 25 per kilo                                    £45/KG

Irish Oysters                                                         £1.20each

Rope grown mussels  1kg                                        £7/bag  best to pre order

Plourde clams (small ideal for pasta dishes)             £22/kg 

Fresh king prawns cooked 25/30/kg                         90p each

Fresh raw tiger prawns     20/30/kg                         90p each approx.

Shell on north Atlantic prawns 500grm pack                      £4.99

North Atlantic peeled prawns   200grms                       £4.99 frozen for prawn cocktail

Trout rainbow (Whole gutted)  300/400GRM                            £14.99/kg

Cornish Hake Fillet/ portions approx. 200g                  £22/kg

Cornish Hake whole                                                  £12/kg

Mackerel   300/400                                                  £9.99/kg can be filleted

Halibut Steaks                                                         £35/kg 250g per portion





1KG                     £35 

500grm                £18.50

200 grm               £8.99

100grm                £4.40


Hot smoked Mackerel Fresh             £19.99/KG Approx. £2/Fillet

Marinated herring fillets  500grm tub sweet cure or dill    £5.50/tub

Luxury Fish Cakes                                                     £1.50each


Fresh Local game from the south downs oven ready  Please order by Wednesday to avoid disappointment 


Game pie mix  500 grms pack  £5.99

Venison haunch   2/4kg               Available to pre-order

Partridge brace                           Available to pre-order

Pheasant                                   Available to pre-order

other cuts available please ask .


Treat for your pets!!

Salmon Bellies - £2 a bag (fresh or frozen)

Very high protein source, extremely simple to cook- cut into chunks and boil in water for 10minutes, let cool and serve to your little 4 legged companion! 



Rough portion size we are working to around 180g-200g per portion.

Seasonal Fish please see our catch of the day page for recommended seasonal fish!!